Born in Charlotte, NC --where the dollar is appreciated more than art -- Ron Styles is birthed from an uncommonly long line of musical talent. From his humble beginnings as lead producer for N.O.R.T.H. Coalition, to now owning one of the most creative production houses in NC, Styles has proven time and time again the value of his team's mantra -- No Others Respect True Hip-Hop.

N.O.R.T.H. Coalition
N.O.R.T.H. @ The 'Coop (c) Kevin Womack cir. 2009

With the 2015 founding of his brick-and-mortar production studio, New Era Music House, Styles was able to formally walk away from Corporate America and plant his roots as a creative child of hip-hop and begin to expand his already diverse skillset.

The OG NEMH Logo Mark cir. 2015

By providing his local community with a collaborative hub for music production and live events, the opportunities to put in work with so many different people eventually gave birth to what is now known as The Eye's Box Multimedia in 2017.

A play off of his very first studio's name, The Ice Box, Styles has always been one to remember where he came from. Even his current studio (New Era Music House) is a descendant of his 2004 college company, 5950 Entertainment.

Currently, The Eye's Box Multimedia serves as a conduit between hip, street culture and formal, professional presentation. Having operated heavily on both sides, Styles understands what it takes to be heard without conforming...to evolve while staying true...and listening is a major component of it.

With The Eye's Box Multimedia, you're not only getting your visions translated to real life, but a rock solid relationship on which your brand, business, event or personal idea can lean on.

We can't wait to meet you!